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Responsive Web Design as Best Solution

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In response to the increasing number of smartphones and tablets with different screen sizes, we focus on Designing Elegant and Affordable Responsive Websites; which are Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop Friendly User as they adjust to browser and screen size.
We take advantage of the tremendous and revolutionary benefits of CSS3 and HTML5 while keeping in mind browsers incompatibilities. However, we won't blame you if you still prefer the old school. It's still worthy it.

Benefits of Fluid Website

Most websites have been entirely designed for desktop users. They are consequently hard to navigate on a tablet and even harder on a smartphone.

Fluid or Responsive Web Design makes your website friendly, easy to navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices; from desktop monitors all the way to the smallest mobile phones.

Rediscover your Audience

Is your website hard to view on a tablet and even harder on a smartphone? If true, then chances are that your potential to meet all your audience is seriously limited. And the increasing number of users shifting to tablets and smartphones lower the number of users visiting your website. Consequently, your goals are not translated into action from your audience.

The Team at Alex&Ming Web Designs is pleased to design for you Functional and affordable Responsive Website that is friendly for smartphone, tablet and desktop users.

We are also pleased to convert your fixed website to a responsive one in order to ultimately increase your visibility and being easily discovered by your audience.

Ranking Strategy

There are millions and millions of websites generating a tremendeous amount of traffic on the net. It's no longer outstanding to have a presence online and wait for someone to find you.

It becomes imperative to become visible in order to be easily found amoung millions of other websites and Competitors. However, it becomes pretty challenging to ensure consistent visibility of your website in a search engine's natural or organic (non-paid) search.

A couple of advices and consistent best practices will definitely increase your Ranking and therefore being easily noticed in a Search Engine

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization tips and best practices can dramatically improve the long term visibility of your website and its ranking.

Our strategy of Search Engine Ranking is based on Google Search Engine Optimization and Google Webmaster Guidelines as one of the most popular Search Engine around the world.

We take advantage of accumulated techniques and best practices from our experience and Clients' feedbacks.